Selfishness or Self-Care, looking after yourself, love, compassion, rest restoration, respite, forgiveness

Selfishness vs Self-Care

How many times do we run ourselves into the ground with compassion fatigue – burning ourselves out because we are always putting others first?  While we were put on this earth to serve others, we also need to establish healthy boundaries in our lives, ones that allow us to love and show compassion to “me” as well as to other human becomings.  

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I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances, contentment, happy, satisfied, thoughts, thinking

Contentment or the pursuit of happiness?

A few weeks ago, Kain Ramsay – a coach and trainer that I follow online – asked this question:

What do you think might happen if everyone in the world stopped defining themselves by their vocational roles, how they feel, what they believe or their personal preferences?
Also, if pursuing happiness was no longer an option, what might many people devote their lives to instead (and how might this be even better than happiness)?
Let’s get this week off to a reflective start…

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